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The essay writing help required can be quite specific and extraordinary. That is why when you come to the essay help online service you want to make sure that it can meet your demands exactly as indicated in the paper instructions. Thus, you should better choose the essay help service, which is maximally flexible and offers the variety of options for the help with essay writing, so you can find the selections that meet your needs for sure. Understanding the fact, that essay help can have various types, we offer our customers to choose the one from the following types of essays help: the help writing a paper from scratch for your academic paper, the help with essay rewriting, the online editing and help with proofreading. We also offer some business writing possibilities, namely you can order the help with writing CV, resume, cover letter and content writing. So, all the academic online services can be divided into two groups: one is when you ask us "help me to complete paper from scratch" (it's actually the writing from scratch and business writing for your help writing a paper) and the other one is when you ask us "I have completed my paper already, can you please help me to complete paper properly fixing the text completed?" (the rewriting, editing and proofreading go under this category for essay help services). The price for the latter category is lower that for the former one and it varies due to the amount of text that needs changing. As the rewriting is changing up to 70% of the text, it costs more than the editing, which is replacing of not more than 30% of the paper. The cheapest one is the proofreading as all that the writer is supposed to do is just correct your minor mistakes in the paper, such as punctuation, word choice, spelling ones etc. The certain order on essay writing help can consist on ordering of two or more different types of services. In such case you can indicate one basic one and ask the customer support representative to modify your order instructions provided in the order form. For example, if you have written the 4 pages paper already and you need the writer to fix the 50% of text written and add the 1-page conclusion to it, you should order the rewriting of 4 pages and then contact the support team for the payment link for 1 page written from scratch. Your writer performing the college essay help will be informed about this specification right after you pay through the payment link and that is how your instructions will be followed properly.

As you can see all the modifications and combinations of services are possible. All you need is contact us and no request will be left with no attention. Practically all types of assignments on various subjects can be completed by our service due to the wide database of active experienced and friendly writers. Come to our website for help and enjoy the perfect service!

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